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Special Education at Queen Elizabeth School

Important Dates for 2016-17

  • October 17, 2017 - Term 1 IEPs Sent Home 

  • March 26, 2018 - Term 2 IEPs Sent Home

  • TBD - Spring IPRCs

Individual Education Plans

The Individual Education Plan (IEP) is a written plan of action that contains specific objectives and an outline of special education services that meet the needs of exceptional students.

IEPs are developed by a team of adults that support the student's needs and they are see as flexible as the plan will be revised over time to adjust to the changing needs of the child.

Once developed, the IEP is shared with parents, school staff, resource personel and it becomes part of the Ontario Student Record (OSR). 


The IEP Development Process


1. Gathering Information

Information about the student and his/her progress is collected from the OSR, formal testing, classroom observations and assessments and student work samples. This information, combined with insights from key people (student’s parents and the student, school staff, support personnel, and representatives of outside agencies or services) will form the basis of the IEP.


2. Setting Directions

The IEP will be developed collaboratively, by those who know the student best and by the staff who will be working directly with the student. Typically, the In-School Resource Teacher, Mrs. Shelmerdine, is responsible to coordinate the IEP team. We find that a collaborative approach allows us to build the most creative set of strategies and action steps.

Accommodations are the teaching strategies, supports, and/or services that provide students with access to the curriculum and enable them to demonstrate learning.

Modifications are changes made to the grade-level curriculum expectations for a subject or course to meet the needs of the student.

Programs and Courses With Alternative Expectations outline learning related to skill development in areas not represented in the Ontario curriculum policy documents


3. Developing the IEP

The team will work together to complete the following areas of the IEP:

  • Student's Strengths and Needs
  • Goals and Expectations
  • Specific Strategies & Resources
  • The Monitoring and Review Plan


4. Implementing the IEP

School staff, including teachers, educational assistants and the ISRT will begin to use the IEP in the day-to-day operations of the classroom. While the IEP does not cover every minute of the day, it does give the educators strategies to consider when creating their lessons and assessments. Click here to see some sample accommodations that are found on IEPs.


5. Reviewing and Updating the IEP

Near the beginning of each term, IEPs are reviewed and updated. IEPs are working documents and as students grow academically we respond by updating their plan. We also consider changes that may occur outside of the classroom or school that would impact a student's need for a change to their plan.

 HPEDSB Spec Ed GuideHPEDSB Guide to Special Education 


Shared Solutions Cover ImageShared Solutions 


IEP Resource guide coverIEP Resource Guide


Please contact Mrs. Myderwyk or Mrs. Shelmerdine (613 476 6475) if you have any questions about IEPs or Special Education at Queen Elizabeth School.


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